Deliverer is the chief producer of room experience gear. With a mission of giving devices to engage individuals of any age, shapes, sizes, and actual limits to in any case have an astonishing sexual coexistence, Deliverer makes ergonomic wedges and slopes that make it simple to get into the very positions you really want, while stressing those provocative bends. With its honor winning vacuum pressure innovation, Hero diminishes its bundle sizes by up to 75%, bringing down the carbon impression. is pleased to stock the full scope of Savior items, giving helpful admittance to them to Canadians from one coast to another.

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Liberator Bed Buckler Tether and Cuff Restraint

Emancipator Bed Buckler Tie and Sleeve Limitation can get together and is intended to go anyplace and is prepared to

Liberator Black Label Wedge

Emancipator Dark Name Wedge, makes it more straightforward to partake in the positions you love. Conveys further infiltration, solace and

Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

Hero Dark Mark Wedge/Slope Combo, It has been designated “the best innovation for sex since the bed” for good explanation.

Liberator BonBon Black

Deliverer BonBon Dark, is an enjoyment past assumptions and impeccably molded to sit on or ride. This toy mount causes

Liberator Esse Black

There is no limit to the conceivable outcomes with the Hero Esse Dark. Find 360 levels of the best sex

Liberator Fascinator Throw Travel Size

Our lecherous extravagance, the Deliverer Fascinator Toss Travel Size , has been consistently marked the best sidekick from couples around

Liberator Flip Ramp Black

The Savior Flip Slope Dark put the imagination in your grasp with many positions conceivable! This extravagance piece of sex

Liberator Wedge

Hero Wedge, gmakes it simpler to partake in the positions you love. Conveys further entrance, solace and backing. Quit going

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Deliverer Wedge/Incline Combo. It has been classified “the best development for sex since the bed” for good explanation. These are