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Anal Health & Pleasure

Press Butt-centric Wellbeing and Delight, for a long time the focal point of dread and loathing, the rear-end is really

Artisan’s Book of Fetishcraft

Craftsman’s Book of Fetishcraft, this lovely and valuable book trains the peruser to plan and build fetishwear, limitations, tangible hardship

Color My Boobs Coloring Book for Adults

Variety My Boobs Shading Book for Grown-ups, this appealing assortment of sound, blissful female pulchritude is the first in the

Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne

Twat Shading Book by Tee Corinne, more than three dozen c**ts of each and every size and portrayal for you

Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm

On Pioneer’s Manual for Planet Climax there are many sorts of climaxes, only hanging tight for every one of us

Jay Wiseman’s Erotic Bondage Handbook

On the off chance that you can tie your shoestrings, you can make a sensual magnum opus! From Jay Wiseman’s

Miumi-U Teaches Japanese Shibari

Miumi-U Shows Japanese Shibari, rope subjugation has been rehearsed in Japan since antiquated times and is turning out to be

Playing Well With Others

Playing Great With Others, an extraordinary manual making sense of the local area part of the wrinkle way of life.

Ride’Em Cowgirl – Book

Ride Em Cowgirl! is THE manual for sexual strengthening for couples, with effectively adaptable procedures for every one of you.

Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

Enchanting Specialty of Japanese Subjugation, Japanese-conceived instructor and expert Midori tells bit by bit the best way to accomplish delightful

SM 101 A Realistic Introduction

Audit: Servitude and discipline, predominance and accommodation, sadomasochism, from there, the sky is the limit. In Jay Wiseman’s SM 101,

The Dominance Playbook

In The Strength Playbook, crimp teacher and long lasting power trade devotee Anton Fulmen expands on the essentials he laid

The Jealousy Workbook

The Desire Exercise manual, a guide and medical caretaker gaining practical experience in polyamorous singles, couples and groupings, Kathy Labriola

The New Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton & Janet Hardy

The New Lining Book by Dossie Easton and Janet Solid, a report on the exemplary book on lining, for the

The New Topping Book

The New Garnish Book another version of the fundamental manual for tops, dominants, proprietors, mentors, bosses, escorts and that’s just

Ties That Bind

Ties That Tight spot, the compositions of perhaps of the most regarded and educated individual regarding the matter of SM/calfskin/fixation

Toybag Guide to Basic Rope Bondage

Toybag Manual for Fundamental Rope Servitude, a compact fingertip manual for the nuts and bolts of restricting your darling! Rope

When Someone You Love Is Kinky

At the point when Somebody You Love Is Unusual, Composed by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt. Assuming somebody you